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Family and farming

Our life

Tradition and family are important values in our life on Haslinggut farm. Three generations of our family live happily together here – our parents, Hans and Katharina, ourselves and our daughters, Julia and Theresa, and we are all passionate about farming.

The farm has been owned by our family since 1908 and possesses a long history. It has been an organic farm for many years, as ecological farming and sustainability are very important to us. We want future generations to enjoy an intact nature in the Gasteinertal

In the summer, our cows and calves graze on the lush green meadows of our mountain pastures and provide us with the best quality milk, which we use to make butter, cheese, curd cheese and yoghurt. Our guests can buy our high-quality products from our farm shop. 

Come and visit us at the Haslinggut and enjoy a holiday you’ll never forget!

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